The Easy Tips To Use SSH For Android

Are you still don’t know about the SSH? If so, SSH or Secure Shell or file transfer protocol is a network protocol that works above the IP layer. The complete explanation is that SSH is a service that can use as a remote login that has enough guaranteed security compared to the others. This secure shell has the main function of running the machine remotely. Free SSH also provides a user or user with a shell whose task is to remotely connect to a machine. So what are the benefits of using SSH? Here will be discussed.

The Benefits Of SSH

The benefits of SSH for its user is quite diverse, such as SSH will free you to move through the file structure is the hosting account. You can also do monitoring for an incoming file or stop the service that applies to VPS or dedicated services. Besides that, you may also use it to install software on Android to your hosting account or to manage MySQL software. By using SSH, you can do many things in the web standard. Not only used for computer devices, SSH can also be used on Android.

The Method To Use SSH On Android

Before you use the application that is mentioned to be able to get fast, cheap and make the internet network be stable, it’s a good idea for you to create an SSH account first. Of the internet itself, there are many ways that you can choose to sign up into SSH account and get free SSH account. You can use SSH on an Android device or computer, but in the tutorial, you can use an Android device. If you have registered, you can immediately practice the following methods for using SSH on Android.

If you created an account, you can immediately download and install the Proxydoid and ConnectBot application that can be obtained for free SSH via the Google Play Store. After you installed it, you can open the application. Open the connect bot first. Then, it can be continued by entering an SSH account that was previously registered, the format to write is users @ proxySSH:portSSH and immediately press the enter. You will find a column that must be filled with the SSH password that registered before. If it has been successful, you can immediately click on the port forwards menu then continued by clicking menu and clicking add a port on the internal web server. Tou may fill and just click Dynamic and then fill in the pot 3128 and click save.

Switch to the Proxyroid application, you can open the application. Followed by filling in the host that is with port 3128 which is the same as the settings that were in the Connectbot earlier. The next step, you can choose SOCK5 and in the Global Proxy you may check it and click connect. Make sure that you will be able to get free internet on your Android device if you really do every step above. Now, you can use the internet connection freely. By utilizing this application, you can use the internet connection easily, and cheap.

Using SSH In HTTP Injector

How to use SSH on the next Android is using HTTP Injector. For those of you who want to take the advantage of this method, you are also required to create an SSH account first. Currently, there are many websites that provide free SSH account creation. This is the step to use SSH in HTTP Injector.

  1. If you are already created SSH account through the website suggested above, then you will download and install the HTTP Injector application that can be obtained via Google Playstore for Android.
  2. Open the application when the installation process is complete. Followed by entering into SSH setting, then you will see a page that will ask you to enter SSH ports, SSH hots, passwords, and Username according to the data that you registered at SSH account. If your Android can support port 443 or 80, just write the port and to do SSH compression.

You may check it and other settings can be left to remain empty. By these steps, so you have successfully applied the method of using free SSH on Android by using this application.

The Benefits Of Using SSH For Your Activity

SSH or Secure Sheel is a network protocol which employ a cryptography to communicate data on network devices to make it safer. In its concept, the use of free SSH must be supported by a device a server or client computer that exchanges data. Both server or client computer must have SSH Server from the side of the client-server SSH Server for the recipient computer. Widely used on Linux and Unix-based operating system to access Shell accounts, Secure Shell (SSH) is well-designed as a Telnet substitute and other non-secure remote shells, that actually send information, especially passwords, in the form of simple text that makes it easy to deny.

SSH Function

The SSH function is can be used to replace telnet, rlogin, FTP, and rsh, one of its main functions is to ensure the security in transmitting data on a network. SSH It’s widely used by various network admins in several parts of the world to control the web and other types of networks such as WAN. This SSH function is actually made to replace the previous protocol which is very vulnerable to data theft through harmful malware. These protocols such as rlogin, telnet, and protocol rsh. The other functions of SSH, are:

  1. Encrypt the data sent
  2. As a protocol for exchanging data in a network
  3. Authentication a mechanism to ensure the sender and receiver are correct and safe
  4. Ensuring the confidentiality of the power sent to that it is only known by the recipient and the sender

The Benefits

The benefits of using an SSH account is to increase the level of data security on your computer when you’re connected to the internet. SSH Account will become an intermediary third party for your internet connection that will detect any insecure site or data flow through accessing internet. SSH will provide the encryption for all readable data, then will send it to other servers.

Besides being able to encrypt data, SSH also has the ability to do Port Forwarding which allows us to get the following benefits, such as:

  1. Connect to TCP application, for example. The web server, mail server, FTP server will be more secure
  2. To connect by bypassing a local firewall or proxy

The second benefit above is what the often search by the internet users and use it for the benefits of internet access. By using an SSH Account, we may also manage VPS for hosting or other functionally. Using an SSH Account to secure your internet connection will not ensure the enhancement of your internet speed 100%. However, by using an SSH account, the IP that you use will be static and you are able to use it privately with the only user in the SSH account.

This SSH protocol has many functions, besides the tunneling function that we often use. We can also use the SSH for SFTP, SOCKS4 / 5 proxies or we can also use it to manage your VPS or hosting especially VPS with Linux OS like CentOS. The use tunneling of SSH we can use SSH clients such as Bitvise Tunnelier or Putty for windows operating system. To get this account and usage from SSH, we can get free SSH account on some sites.

Usability Of SSH

SSH is designed to replace telnet and FTP protocols. SSH is a versatile product that designed to do many things, most of which are the creation of a tunnel between hosts. Two important SSHs are console login and secure file transfer. But with SSH you also get the ability to create source tunnel to pass HTTP, FTP, POP3, and anything else via SSH tunnel. To using the SSH, you may create the free SSH account that you can get from some sites.

How To Use SSH For Your Activity

The cost of free internet network in Indonesia makes it difficult for people to access the internet. Which is how the internet is really needed for these times. For social media, blogging, searching for information via the internet. By using an SSH (Secure Shell) account, we can make the internet cheaper and even worse. If compared to we buy data packages from the operator, using SSH is much cheaper and unlimited. Internet SSH uses a bug/ slot/service provider hole to display free internet, SSH is illegal, SSH internet uses provider networks, even though data is solid, and loss provider.

The Function Of SSH

This SSH function is actually made to replace the previous protocol which is considered very vulnerable to data theft through harmful malware. These protocols include login, TELNET, and rsh protocol. SSH or Secure Shell is basically a network protocol which gives permissions for the exchange of data through a securely protected channel between two network devices. Especially widely used on Unix and Linux based operating systems that allow an access to shell accounts. Secure Shell is actually designed as a substitute for Telnet and any other remote shells that are insecured, that send information, especially passwords, in the form of simple text that makes it easy to intercept. Encryption that is used by Secure Shell provides data confidentiality and integrity through unsecured networks such as the internet.

As simple as sending and receiving data through other connections so that we are free from packages, quotas, or FUP. The rest about SSH can be seen here. The terms of using SSH free internet is you need to have a computer or notebook that supports internet connections, modem, and sim card.

How SSH Works

When a client tries to access a Linux server via SSH. The shell daemon that runs on both the Linux server and SSH client has a public or private key pair, each of which becomes an SSH identity for both. The connection steps re follow:

  1. Step one

The client bind on the local port a large number and connect to port 22 on the server

  1. Step 2

The client and server agree to use certain SSH expressions. This is important because SSH v.1 and v.2 are not compatible

  1. Step 3

The client requests the server’s public key and host key

  1. Step 4

The client and server approve the encryption algorithm to be used.

  1. Step 5

The client forms a session key obtained from the client and encrypts using the server’s public key

  1. Step 6

The server decrypts the session that is obtained from the client, re-encrypt it with the client’s public key, and send it back to the client verification

  1. Step 7

The user authenticates himself to the server the encrypted data stream in the session key. Until here the connection has been established and the client can then work interactively on the server or transfer files to or from the server. The seventh step above can be implemented in various ways. SSH is designed to replace services of Unix or Linux system that use plain text system such as telnet, FTP, rlogin.

What Is The Software Of Antivirus And The Function

Antivirus software is a computer software that functions as a computer protector against virus attacks. This antivirus will provide signals and data on the system and is on the computer. Viruses will usually attack computers that do not contain antivirus in it, so the computer is the cause of the virus. Some symptoms of a computer being infected with a whole virus. The computer becomes very slow, this happens because the virus usually duplicates itself into the space that is on storage media.

The Danger Of The Virus

The data that is on the computer cannot be opened, this happens because there are several files that are consumed by the virus. Data or files are hidden or hidden by virus, usually, a computer that has a virus, the data that is affected by the virus will be hidden by the virus even though the data seems empty but binds to a very large size data. The computer or laptop often restarts itself. Many program shortcut on the computer. File or data missing.

The Function Of Antivirus Software

The main function of antivirus software is to provide protection and security to computer data from virus attacks so that computer users will feel safe and comfortable in the storing data. Computer viruses usually spread through storage media such as flash disks and other devices, besides viruses can also enter when we browse or access the internet. For this reason, users must update the antivirus more frequently.

The kinds of antivirus

After we talking about the functions of antivirus, there are some kinds of software antivirus that can help us to protect our laptop or computer. These antiviruses have the good thing and the weakness.

  1. Antivirus BitDefender

BitDefender is antivirus software that can be used to Microsoft Windows, Symbian OS, Windows Mobile, Mac OS X (beta) and FreeBSD, for now, BitDefender Antivirus is claimed to be the number one antivirus in the world by several people. This is the excess of BitDefender is the way system works is very good, protecting the file is very strong starting from inside and outside like malicious malware from the internet, very accurate and the updates are easy and not too big.

The weakness of BitDefender is for those of you who often use the internet networking from hotspot signals or RV A class modems down with the existence of this antivirus it will further slow down your internet connection because this antivirus software work system does use an internet connection. Quite heavy if installed on a computer under dual-core. The solutions are turn off your BitDefender internet anti-malware feature and use Windows default anti-malware.

  1. Antivirus Kaspersky

The advantage of Kaspersky antivirus is proactive defense components are the main advantages of this program. Made with the aims of analyzing the habits of installed programs, monitoring changes in the system registry, tracking macros, and preventing hidden threats.

The weakness of this antivirus software is the initial process starting the program is a bit long because loading the database first is a critical object scan. Old virus scanning process old update.

The Interactive Educational Software That Very Useful For The Students

The word “media” in general can be interpreted as a tool or intermediary used to channel an object from one place to another place. In relation to teaching and learning activities in class, we know the name of learning media. Learning media is a tool that can describe messages or information from teacher to student that aims to facilitate the learning process. With the use of learning media when teaching and learning, it expected, it is expected that the thoughts, feelings, attention, and interests of student can be stimulated.

The Meaning Of Interactive Learning Media

The word “interactive” generally means two-way communication or more than communication components. More simply, interactive means active communication between the communicator and the communicant. There is no one party who is passive. Interactive media generally refers to multimedia products and digital services in IT systems that respond to user actions by presenting audio content, visual content, and audiovisual content.

So then we can make the conclusion that the definition of interactive learning media is a multimedia-based tool that can describe massages or information from teacher to student which in the process occurs two-way active communication between multimedia and students as a user which aims to facilitate the learning process.

Interactive Learning Media Type

In the digital era like today, the teacher is actually very easy to get the interactive learning media. Teachers can search on the internet and can use interactive multimedia for free or paid. There are 3 types of interactive learning media that can be easy to find on the internet, namely interactive learning based on e-learning multimedia, learning media online education sites, software-based interactive media and interactive learning media based on Android applications.

The Functions Of Visual Media Learning

Today, so many education software that can make the learning process easy and we know that the education software help to learning in the visual method. And the function of visual media learning is.

Attention Function

The function of visual media attention is the core, which is to attract and direct the attention of students to focus on the content of the lessons related to the visual meaning displayed or accompanying the text of the subject matter. Often at the beginning of the lesson students are not interested in the subject matter or subject matter that is one of the lessons that they are not interested in so they don’t pay attention. Media images, especially images projected through overhead projectors can calm and direct their attention to the lessons they will receive. Thus, the possibility of obtaining and remembering the contents of the lessons is greater

Cognitive Function

Visual media cognitive function is seen from research which reveals the visual symbols or images facilitate the achievement of goals yo understand and remember the information or messages contained in the images.

Affective Function

Visual media can be seen from the level of student enjoyment when learning pictorial text. Visual images or symbols can inspire students emotions and attitudes, for example, information concerning social racial issues.

Compensatory Function

The compensatory function of learning media can be seen from the results of research that visual media that provide context for understanding text helps students who are don’t like to read to organize information in text and recall it. Besides that learning media software function to accommodate students who are weak and slow to accept and understand the content of the lessons presented with the text or presented verbally.

In reality, the students can do more learning activities with this education software because they not only listen to the teacher but also other activities such as observing, doing, demonstrating, and others. Minimize very large objects, which are not possible at school, such as mountains, houses, and other.

The Importance of Protecting Your Business Software

The Risk of Your Business Software

Because of the many cybercrimes that it allows people to use the system, changing data into something that they don’t want. Unauthorized access to your system may be obtained using, called crackers, which then uses its ability to steal data, or do other things that are bad for you.

Before you try to protect your business software system, you must first determine several things. Things that need to be considered, namely the level of threat that you must anticipate, the risks that must be taken, and how immune your system of software business is as an outcome of the effort you have done. You must analyze and check your system to find out what you protect, why you protect it, how much data you protect, and who is responsible for data and also other assets in your system.

The risk that you get is the chance of an intruder that might succeed in his attempt to finally get an access of your computer. Do an intruder able to writer o read files, or might even runs the programs which can cause trouble to your computer? Do they able to delete the important data? There are several types of intruders whose different characteristic from one to another. They are the curious, the malicious, the high profile intruder, and the competition.

Software Security

The software that we have can suffer damage that makes us must repair or reinstall. So, what we have needs to safeguard especially if we buy at an expensive or necessary price or that need special expertise in the installation process or vital to our business. Software damage can be caused by several things, including:

  1. Use of pirated software

Pirated software it doesn’t come from the maker. Immediately the quality of software cannot be guaranteed.

  1. Procedure eror

Incorrect installation can cause crase.

  1. Virus

Viruses can damage data, but can also damage your business software.

The Method To Protect The Software Business

To anticipate or overcome the damage of your software business, there are several things that you can do.

  1. Installing antivirus

Antivirus can minimize the virus attacks that knew before. New viruses usually cannot be resisted with antivirus. Besides that, the local viruses can usually only obtained. It is counteracted by local antivirus as well and is the most difficult to overcome, and you need to be aware of the users as well as not to access untrusted sites or setting a flash disk without being a scanner.

  1. Backup regularly

Back up to a computer or other media including also doing save process regularly while working with documents.

  1. Recovery

The recovery process is the process of restoring data or system conditions the last time it was saved. This recovery is sometimes difficult because the success rate cannot be guaranteed 100% with using certain programs can be done.

  1. Using password

The use of passwords against files will help avoid accessing files by others. Passwords can also be installed on software or operating system or hardware. Besides using words password can use the fingerprints. This can be found on the newly some laptops today.

  1. Firewall

With the firewall that is a security system against the data entering or leaving the computer through the network, we can minimize unwanted access over the network.