The Easy Tips To Use SSH For Android

Are you still don’t know about the SSH? If so, SSH or Secure Shell or file transfer protocol is a network protocol that works above the IP layer. The complete explanation is that SSH is a service that can use as a remote login that has enough guaranteed security compared to the others. This secure shell has the main function of running the machine remotely. Free SSH also provides a user or user with a shell whose task is to remotely connect to a machine. So what are the benefits of using SSH? Here will be discussed.

The Benefits Of SSH

The benefits of SSH for its user is quite diverse, such as SSH will free you to move through the file structure is the hosting account. You can also do monitoring for an incoming file or stop the service that applies to VPS or dedicated services. Besides that, you may also use it to install software on Android to your hosting account or to manage MySQL software. By using SSH, you can do many things in the web standard. Not only used for computer devices, SSH can also be used on Android.

The Method To Use SSH On Android

Before you use the application that is mentioned to be able to get fast, cheap and make the internet network be stable, it’s a good idea for you to create an SSH account first. Of the internet itself, there are many ways that you can choose to sign up into SSH account and get free SSH account. You can use SSH on an Android device or computer, but in the tutorial, you can use an Android device. If you have registered, you can immediately practice the following methods for using SSH on Android.

If you created an account, you can immediately download and install the Proxydoid and ConnectBot application that can be obtained for free SSH via the Google Play Store. After you installed it, you can open the application. Open the connect bot first. Then, it can be continued by entering an SSH account that was previously registered, the format to write is users @ proxySSH:portSSH and immediately press the enter. You will find a column that must be filled with the SSH password that registered before. If it has been successful, you can immediately click on the port forwards menu then continued by clicking menu and clicking add a port on the internal web server. Tou may fill and just click Dynamic and then fill in the pot 3128 and click save.

Switch to the Proxyroid application, you can open the application. Followed by filling in the host that is with port 3128 which is the same as the settings that were in the Connectbot earlier. The next step, you can choose SOCK5 and in the Global Proxy you may check it and click connect. Make sure that you will be able to get free internet on your Android device if you really do every step above. Now, you can use the internet connection freely. By utilizing this application, you can use the internet connection easily, and cheap.

Using SSH In HTTP Injector

How to use SSH on the next Android is using HTTP Injector. For those of you who want to take the advantage of this method, you are also required to create an SSH account first. Currently, there are many websites that provide free SSH account creation. This is the step to use SSH in HTTP Injector.

  1. If you are already created SSH account through the website suggested above, then you will download and install the HTTP Injector application that can be obtained via Google Playstore for Android.
  2. Open the application when the installation process is complete. Followed by entering into SSH setting, then you will see a page that will ask you to enter SSH ports, SSH hots, passwords, and Username according to the data that you registered at SSH account. If your Android can support port 443 or 80, just write the port and to do SSH compression.

You may check it and other settings can be left to remain empty. By these steps, so you have successfully applied the method of using free SSH on Android by using this application.