The Interactive Educational Software That Very Useful For The Students

The word “media” in general can be interpreted as a tool or intermediary used to channel an object from one place to another place. In relation to teaching and learning activities in class, we know the name of learning media. Learning media is a tool that can describe messages or information from teacher to student that aims to facilitate the learning process. With the use of learning media when teaching and learning, it expected, it is expected that the thoughts, feelings, attention, and interests of student can be stimulated.

The Meaning Of Interactive Learning Media

The word “interactive” generally means two-way communication or more than communication components. More simply, interactive means active communication between the communicator and the communicant. There is no one party who is passive. Interactive media generally refers to multimedia products and digital services in IT systems that respond to user actions by presenting audio content, visual content, and audiovisual content.

So then we can make the conclusion that the definition of interactive learning media is a multimedia-based tool that can describe massages or information from teacher to student which in the process occurs two-way active communication between multimedia and students as a user which aims to facilitate the learning process.

Interactive Learning Media Type

In the digital era like today, the teacher is actually very easy to get the interactive learning media. Teachers can search on the internet and can use interactive multimedia for free or paid. There are 3 types of interactive learning media that can be easy to find on the internet, namely interactive learning based on e-learning multimedia, learning media online education sites, software-based interactive media and interactive learning media based on Android applications.

The Functions Of Visual Media Learning

Today, so many education software that can make the learning process easy and we know that the education software help to learning in the visual method. And the function of visual media learning is.

Attention Function

The function of visual media attention is the core, which is to attract and direct the attention of students to focus on the content of the lessons related to the visual meaning displayed or accompanying the text of the subject matter. Often at the beginning of the lesson students are not interested in the subject matter or subject matter that is one of the lessons that they are not interested in so they don’t pay attention. Media images, especially images projected through overhead projectors can calm and direct their attention to the lessons they will receive. Thus, the possibility of obtaining and remembering the contents of the lessons is greater

Cognitive Function

Visual media cognitive function is seen from research which reveals the visual symbols or images facilitate the achievement of goals yo understand and remember the information or messages contained in the images.

Affective Function

Visual media can be seen from the level of student enjoyment when learning pictorial text. Visual images or symbols can inspire students emotions and attitudes, for example, information concerning social racial issues.

Compensatory Function

The compensatory function of learning media can be seen from the results of research that visual media that provide context for understanding text helps students who are don’t like to read to organize information in text and recall it. Besides that learning media software function to accommodate students who are weak and slow to accept and understand the content of the lessons presented with the text or presented verbally.

In reality, the students can do more learning activities with this education software because they not only listen to the teacher but also other activities such as observing, doing, demonstrating, and others. Minimize very large objects, which are not possible at school, such as mountains, houses, and other.