What Is The Software Of Antivirus And The Function

Antivirus software is a computer software that functions as a computer protector against virus attacks. This antivirus will provide signals and data on the system and is on the computer. Viruses will usually attack computers that do not contain antivirus in it, so the computer is the cause of the virus. Some symptoms of a computer being infected with a whole virus. The computer becomes very slow, this happens because the virus usually duplicates itself into the space that is on storage media.

The Danger Of The Virus

The data that is on the computer cannot be opened, this happens because there are several files that are consumed by the virus. Data or files are hidden or hidden by virus, usually, a computer that has a virus, the data that is affected by the virus will be hidden by the virus even though the data seems empty but binds to a very large size data. The computer or laptop often restarts itself. Many program shortcut on the computer. File or data missing.

The Function Of Antivirus Software

The main function of antivirus software is to provide protection and security to computer data from virus attacks so that computer users will feel safe and comfortable in the storing data. Computer viruses usually spread through storage media such as flash disks and other devices, besides viruses can also enter when we browse or access the internet. For this reason, users must update the antivirus more frequently.

The kinds of antivirus

After we talking about the functions of antivirus, there are some kinds of software antivirus that can help us to protect our laptop or computer. These antiviruses have the good thing and the weakness.

  1. Antivirus BitDefender

BitDefender is antivirus software that can be used to Microsoft Windows, Symbian OS, Windows Mobile, Mac OS X (beta) and FreeBSD, for now, BitDefender Antivirus is claimed to be the number one antivirus in the world by several people. This is the excess of BitDefender is the way system works is very good, protecting the file is very strong starting from inside and outside like malicious malware from the internet, very accurate and the updates are easy and not too big.

The weakness of BitDefender is for those of you who often use the internet networking from hotspot signals or RV A class modems down with the existence of this antivirus it will further slow down your internet connection because this antivirus software work system does use an internet connection. Quite heavy if installed on a computer under dual-core. The solutions are turn off your BitDefender internet anti-malware feature and use Windows default anti-malware.

  1. Antivirus Kaspersky

The advantage of Kaspersky antivirus is proactive defense components are the main advantages of this program. Made with the aims of analyzing the habits of installed programs, monitoring changes in the system registry, tracking macros, and preventing hidden threats.

The weakness of this antivirus software is the initial process starting the program is a bit long because loading the database first is a critical object scan. Old virus scanning process old update.